The Zabrukytron
This is a model of the Modern Props #195-290-1 prop built by the company's owner, John Zabrucky. So I decided to call it The Zabruckytron, just to be slightly distinctive from what every one on the internet calls it. It is often referred to as The Most Important Device In The Universe or The Most Important Machine In The Universe because it was rented out to so many TV shows and Movies. Seen frequently in many Star Trek eipsodes across multiple series, Airplane II, Austin Powers, Buck Rogers, V, The Last Starfighter, Knight Rider, and many more. Randy from VoodooFX made a stellar analog-ish light rig from solenoids, randomly clicking on and off, to fire the eight LED filament style lights in the clear tubing. I feel the quirky electronics solution is a perfect match to such a kitschy subject matter. For the debut at Wonderfest 2024, I added a separate module that the viewer can use to activate the model's lights. I didn't want the constant clicking that would drive people insane stationed at nearby tables. For that simple touchable-by-the-public switch, I purchased a "rack module" from Concord Aerospace that you can customize. That was mounted into a triangular box I made from some laser cut acrylic. It's a fun model that celebrates the prop we love to spot!
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