About me
My name is Jason Eaton, an artist in Baltimore MD. With over three decades of fine art and experience working in the modern toy and collectible field, I create both licensed work and one of a kind pieces for collectors. I specialize in late 1970s to early 1980s filming miniature replication, restorations of original pieces, and unique models that previously only existed as a design concept. I provide paint masters for toy companies, and can occasionally be coerced into building a piece on commission. My passion is capturing the details and subtle nuances that make these classic and beloved designs so special, and can build pieces physically or digitally.
As technology marches on, I have adapted the new 21st Century tools to offer greater quality and/or a higher level of fit and finish. I am capable of 3D printing, laser etching and cutting, as well. Because of these newer tools, I am now able to bring classic concept pieces to life, in scales that would have utilized had they been created for production, in the pre-digital era.  I am a one man shop, making the models I love. Feel free to follow me on Instagram.
And for more about my particular interest in ILM and Star Wars, please check this video out on starwars.com, where the kind folks at Lucasfilm and Disney gave me an opportunity to talk about this crazy stuff with Jordan Hembrough.
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