The Starlight Beacon
This is the Starlight Beacon, a three foot tall miniature made in the first half of 2021, under the direction of the Lucasfilm Story Group. Yes, ladies and germs, my personal fantasy of being hired by Lucasfilm to make a studio model is now reality! Designed using traditional model making skills as well as 3D design and part fabrication, my job was to translate three pieces of production art into a lit set piece for the High Republic Show, on Everything rides on an internal metal armature with side and bottom mount options, all lights run off of a 12 volt power supply, and there are so many exciting details both inside and out! Be sure to watch the episode of The High Republic where I talk about this model, and the article on as well.
Many thanks to Stinson Lenz for his loan of the Dowager Queen model file for the landing bay easter egg, and Josh Maruska for his ace Arduino skills which lit that beacon!
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