ESB Snowspeeder Miniature and Crew Gift
​​​​​​​This project entailed my recreating missing elements from a raw partial casting of the ILM Snowspeeder Miniature. This unused production piece was cast by the late great Wesley Seeds, but was missing the forward cannons, engine “exhausts”, and harpoon gun. An interesting piece, these types of castings were the crew gift when production wrapped on Empire, and some of the existing examples were referenced to replicate these missing elements. I drew them up in Rhino and printed them on the Form 2. These (along with the pre-existing casting) were molded and cast so that a finished replica could be placed alongside the original and stand-in parts, for a complete display. For this display, I chose to be an non-invasive as possible to the original castings, leaving the pour stubs intact, and affixing the grown stand-ins in such a way that can be reversed in the future, if desired. I also made a replica of an existing crew gift presentation as well, which featured a small acrylic box and acetate windows. The windows were even etched to replicate the cracked canopy glass of the original crew gift. 
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