Return of the Jedi Fleet Ship M99
This is an “expanded replica” of a Studio Scale Fleet Ship made for the battle scenes towards the end of the film. The original is a very simple build, as it was only ever intended to be seen from a great distance in the film, and really only qualifies as background filler. I loved the challenge of picking this however, as it afforded a great deal of freedom to fill in the missing gaps/details, and was a great test in using clear resin on the Form 2. The majority of the ship was drawn incorporating elements of my own, designed in Rhino and printed around a clear acrylic tube. All kit parts were IDed and attached, and period-correct parts were added as I saw fit. Since the original featured a plain “bridge” made from drop tank pieces, I concluded that this was a Mon Calamari ship, and I fleshed out the bridge to include windows and wee little MonCal people. Great fun to do from start to finish!
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