This is a replica of the 1:1 Landspeeder prop, built to the size of the ILM Landspeeder that held the Six Million Dollar Man figures. I was given a cad document generated from a hands on study of the actual drivable Landspeeder, and from that data, the extremely talented Sean Corsini made a Rhino file that was then given to a shop. They used the file to mill the main body from solid Reshape, and what you see in the first photo was almost sixty pounds! Details were 3D printed, and I did a lot hand finishing and scratch building to complete what was essentially a pattern, which I then had cast to make the final model. The body is now hollow rotocast, and weighs in at a much more reasonable eight pounds. The grills, trunk “deck”, and engine bracing was laser cut acrylic, and the main readout in the dashboard was cast in clear resin, and lit with a single LED. The canopy was vacuum formed in clear PTEG over a milled “buck” from the 3D data as well.
I had to make a lot of decisions on this model. It’s strictly not a Studio Scale Replica™ as it’s more detailed, but there were multiple states that the 1:1 Landspeeder went through. For starters there were two of them – one mounted to a gimbal and the “driver” that had a three wheeled car underneath. These props changed throughout filming, and the grills even swapped places and ‘speeders, as production was not terribly obsessive about continuity. And then the drivable Landspeeder changed again in it’s degree of weathering for pick ups in California after filming wrapped in Tunisia, was painted over for Episode One, and then “restored” to the state it is in today. So I picked a general “vibe” and that’s the model you see below. Mostly it’s the cleaner deco without all of the grey overspray on the engine nacelles. Look in the film when the Tusken Raiders rifle through the cockpit to see what I was going for…
This model took a village to happen. I want to thank you all, for the work done to bring this to life!
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