Joe Johnston & Steve Gawley T.I.E. Fighter
My second “Star Wars Sketchbook” model is a mix of Joe Johnston art and the blueprints drawn by Steve Gawley. Of note, the very earliest TIE Fighter mockup by ILM feature these more-segmented wings, so it’s really cool to bring this particular early iteration to life. Once again, this is mostly printed on the Form 2 from files I drew in Rhino, riding on an aluminum armature made to the same specification as the original ILM ones. The “Kool Shade” is a different and more simplified pattern I made and printed, and they are sandwiched in layers of laser cut acrylic that form the wing structures. The hubs (inner and outer) are my design/prints, but there are styrene kit parts radiating outward on the wings. To play with expectations, I anachronistically used two well known donor kits that technically post date the TIE Fighter models by about a year.
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