X-Wing Fighter Pyro Master Pattern
​​​​​​​This is the X-Wing Fighter Pyro Master Pattern, which I was asked to restore as it had been damaged in shipping. A “pyro” refers to a model that is specifically made to detonate on camera, and a “hero” refers to a model that usually has a higher fit and finish, often having lights and or motors, and a full armature. The pattern itself is comprised of a Hero top shell and a vacuum formed styrene bottom shell. These were assembled and a nose was grafted on, and then the finished hull was split vertically, with the thought being that a left and right shell would pull apart more dramatically on camera when the charges were detonated, as the weight of the wings would help as well. The model features many hand laid chip details, the panel lines were deepened and in the case of the rear and canopy, exaggerated even further as these areas would be cut/filed out. The mount covers were added, as well, and these details (along with the proton torpedo tubes) were then “locked in” dimensionally, making all pyros and subsequent castings and recastings consistent in features, if not size (almost literally all fan held castings suffer from generational shrinkage, sometimes dramatically so). 

What makes this so wonderful is that it is essentially a “hero” with only the kerf of the saw blade removed from it’s overall width. Each hero was hand made, and the noses especially tend to be placed in slightly different areas, creating varying lengths of X-Wings, with the pryos being the shortest (and because of the kerf of that blade, the skinniest as well). For the new display, I rejoined the shells, leaving a slight gap representing the loss of width, so that the finished display showcased the X-Wing’s amazing design lines. I was honored to fix a bit of history.
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