Hades Refinery Tower Landscape
from Blade Runner
This is a large expansion of my interpretation of one of the foreground refinery towers from the Hades Landscape from the opening shot of Blade Runner. To achieve the belching fire effect, I printed fireballs in clear resin that Rich Erickson sculpted for me, and then I embedded a series of flickering LEDs inside. All other lights are super micro surface mount LEDs being fed by magnet wire, with a couple of 3mm lights in the deeper recesses for texture. I drew up Tyrell appropriate tiles with a Frank Lloyd Wright vibe, for the base. The base is a satin finished graphite "cast metal" treatment to further contrast against the interior treatment, which is greys, blacks, browns, rust, etc. I also threw in a couple of Weyland Yutani scarab wing logos for fun.
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