Y-Wing Fighter Gold Leader
This is a replica of the Gold Leader Y-Wing, from Star Wars. The actual filming miniature remains in private hands, and appears to have survived “intact” and unmodified from original filming. Vintage ILM reference shows the original model in two states – as it remains to this day with green highlights and heavier-handed weathering (primarily the black streaking), and an earlier state without the green and a lighter weathering. This was built for a private commission, and the client wanted an in-between look that would uphold under close scrutiny, and not appear as “sloppy” as some of the actual weathering on the original model. It is all subjective of course.
With this latest version of the model, built in 2019, I utilized Rhino and a 3D laser SLA printer to make some replacement parts, allowing them to be far cleaner and crisper than the resin parts. The entire engine assemblies were completely scratch built from styrene donors and printed parts as well.
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