This is a mashup of the Star Trek TOS Galileo Shuttle and the TOS Galactica Shuttle, made from a Round 2 model kit. This was built for the 2024 Galileo Mashup Challenge at Wonderfest in Louisville, Kentucky. Every year Bill George and I come up with a "challenge" and invite any one that wants to participate to join in, and every thing is displayed at the show. This particular challenge is also a contest, which will be judged by John Eaves, Star Trek luminary and all around fun fella. The prize is a Commemorative 40th Anniversary Boba Fett Helmet graciously donated by EFX Collectibles. Many thanks to Round 2 models for their participation as well, for offering a discount code on ordering the shuttle model for the participants!
I have recused myself from entering the contest of course, and built this as an example of what can be done, and because there is nothing better than some fun scratch building and greebling! ps - no 3D was used in this model, it's all styrene. So you old cranky fellas out there should be happy about that? Hehe.
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