Endor Forest Ranger in 1/6th
This is a 1/6th interpretation of the Kenner Endor Forest Ranger Mini-Rig, which were a series of original toy designs made by Mark Boudreaux. Many years ago, I had the idea to take a design from the Star Wars universe that only ever existed as a toy and imagine if it was a filming miniature first. What fun it would be to then “ILM-ify” this design, a sort of reverse to what usually happened in taking an ILM-made filming miniature and “Toy-ifying” it. I started initially doing this to the Kenner PDT-8, but as of this writing I have not finished that build. Recently, I was asked to apply this idea to the Endor Forest Ranger, which is Mark’s favorite design from the line. I picked 1/6th scale so I would have a nice big canvas to work with, so to speak. Vintage Koolshade was of course used in the main cockpit lower side vents, and a through-bore slip ring allows power to flow uninterrupted between the front and middle sections, as the entire middle spins on the central axis, while the cockpit and rear wedge-shaped body stays stationary. 
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