Colin Cantwell Sandcrawler
​​​​​​​This is a studio scale replica of the Colin Cantwell Sandcrawler. When I spoke with Colin about this design, he spoke of how early it was in the process (we are talking early to mid 1975), and how this concept for a Sandcrawler differed from what they ended up with. This was a one-eyed metal “god” that the Jawas worshipped, feeding it’s maw via a vacuum “chute” in the front (you can see below how it pivots downward and has small comb “teeth”). In an early draft our heroes are sucked into the belly of this mechanical beast, and end up in a garbage compactor! The story evolved, and the garbage compactor of course was moved to the Death Star. This design, a hovering pyramid being pulled by three tracked vehicles, then fell by the wayside as McQuarrie’s take on a sandcrawler took shape. However, Colin said that this mechanical beast’s “head” was the inspiration for the Tusken Raider head!
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