Captain Needa's Shuttle
This model is a fun design exercise based on interesting information uncovered by Gene Kozicki, VFX Bon Vivant. You see, in The Empire Strikes Back, there is a split second scene that shows what at first glance to be the TIE Bomber miniature leaving a Star Destroyer Hangar Bay. But Gene found story boards that show a sketch of a similar ship with the wings reversed outward. A revisit to the scene in the film proves inconclusive, but you could easily see the wings reversed if that was what you were prompted to see. 
So, Gene suggested we all "make it our own!" and do a design riff on the TIE Bomber. That's all I needed to hear! So I took to the model bench with Bomber donors, and other peroid correct pieces, making what I would imagine an executive shuttle would look like in-universe. And as some times happens with a little luck and/or knowing the handsome gentlemen in the Chris Army, something I made was blessed by the magic wand of the franchise and is now considered canon, as seen in the Haynes T.I.E. Fighter manual
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