Cain Robot (Chronicle Collectibles)
​​​​​​​This is a paint master for the Cain Robot from Robocop II, for Chronicle Collectibles. The model you see below was taken directly from an intricate set of castings of one of the original filming miniatures made by Phil Tippet/Tippet Studios. I received reference of the teardown, turn around shots, videos of the resin parts being reassembled, and lots of photos of all the components along the way. With all of these at my disposal, I took the castings provided by Tippet Studio, painted all of the individual resin components to look like machined aluminum or resin (that had been tinted with a metallic powder and tint?), and assembled everything with hex/socket head screws. I drafted decals to match the photo reference, and everything came together in time for the grand unveiling at the 2014 Wonderfest. This was quite a project to pull off, for everyone involved! It truly was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I have ever been involved in.
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