Blockade Runner Metal Miniature
This is the screen accurate replica of the small Blockade Runner. It is built using all original styrene donors on a machined aluminum base. Incredibly expensive and hard to pull off, just bananas. It is unfinished in many places as the original was only needed for the initial opening shot of Star Wars, so you would only ever need to see if from that one particular angle, as it desperately tried to outrun the Star Destroyer. It was built only because the ILM team realized they needed a smaller miniature to create the proper shot with the available space and track on the Dykstraflex camera, as the main Blockade Runner miniature was too large. If you recall, it was built initially as the Pirate Ship, so it was probbaly much larger than it would have been, had they not repurposed the Pirate Ship. It was machined from metal because the lights in the engines would have melted plastic, and as it is with almost all of these models, a team of friends made this possible. People like Rob, Ed, and Craig. Also check out the idealized version I fleshed out (which I am most proud of!)
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