Amity Shuttle
This is a mashup of the Star Trek TOS Galileo Shuttle and the Amity Police Department jeep from the film Jaws, made from a Round 2 model kit. This was built for the 2024 Galileo Mashup Challenge at Wonderfest in Louisville, Kentucky. Featuring the Amity Jeep mashup with barrels, a "beach closed" beacon, an adversarial Balok Mayor puppet, and of course... a Space Dock.
Every year Bill George and I come up with a "challenge" and invite any one that wants to participate to join in, and every thing is displayed at the show. This particular challenge is also a contest, which will be judged by John Eaves, Star Trek luminary and all around fun fella. The prize is a Commemorative 40th Anniversary Boba Fett Helmet graciously donated by EFX Collectibles. Many thanks to Round 2 models for their participation as well, for offering a discount code on ordering the shuttle model for the participants!
I have recused myself from entering the contest of course.
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