Droids in 1/12th scale
Gonk Droid in 1/12th scale, modeled from the original container's dimensions.
WED-15 Septoid in 1/12th scale. I love the broken arm!
This is a 1/12th RA-7 “Death Star Droid” as seen aboard the sandcrawler. Since you can’t see what he is sitting on in the film, I had some creative leeway so I made a “Star Wars-ish” looking crate. From the waist up, the sculpt was done by the talented Stinson Lenz, and from the waist down he is a modified Bandai 0-0-0. 
Here we have 2X-3KPR in 1/12th scale, the plucky droid that lurches past Threepio and Luke when they are scanning the horizon at dusk after Artoo had run off. Apparently this is a sentry droid I guess? It’s a WWII runway light on a rickety radio controlled platform. Made with help from Stinson Lenz, who had already modeled the runway light.
2X7-KPR in 1/12th scale. This robot was seen in the Sandcrawler scenes in Star Wars. 
Treadwell, the sad ‘lil robot from Tatooine, in 1/12th scale. I drew and printed him in resin (with thanks to Chris Reiff on the “hero” pneumatic arm reference), and this kicked off all the WED tracked droids in 1/12th. The pneumatic clear hoses are represented here by very thin gauge fishing line.
This is a funky one. It’s a background droid on the Sandcrawler, and if it were any other film, no one would have ever cared, nor would it have been named decades after the fact. But this is Star Wars, so here we have my 1/12th scale riff on what is M-HYD 6804,a Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser binary hydromech droid. I think this means it’s a water sniffer. Whatever it is, it was fun to make.
This is the LIN-V8K droid in 1/12th scale, aka the mining droid, from the Sandcrawler scene in Star Wars. Thanks to an old 1970s electronics magazine article about the robotics in Star Wars, I was able to see what was happening under the tinted dome. This is 1/12th scale, so it would have been challenging to make those four mirrored disks spin which they did in the film – there are four lamps shining light on each disc, so there’s a bit of interesting light reflection behind the tinted dome (which you can see in the film). 
The triumph that is WED-9-M1, in 1/12th scale. He’s seen in Star Wars, on the streets of Mos Eisley. That is all we know about him, but I like to think his hands are made from shoe trees, so maybe he’s a shoe salesman. 
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